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COB LED Downlights

Sinepo recessed led downlight cob series using Epistar cob led chip,dimmable function for option,more than 75lm/w output as whole lighting. Top type constant current circuit design with wide voltage range(85V~265V).

Sinepo recessed cob led downlight and dimmable cob led downlight are with the features of high CRI which could arrive Ra90,by using new package technology,introduce red element to enrich the CRI by red chip which is stable,do not have the negatvie effect by using red phosphor which will lead to high light decay and 10%~15% light decrease.

Stardard of warm white 3000k,natural white 4000k and cool white 6000k are available, the finshing of chrome/nickel/white available, and frosted/grid/clear lens for choice.

15W COB LED downlight 0101 300x300 COB LED Downlights

Main Features of Sinepo COB LED Downlight:
1.Input Voltage:AC85~265V,50~60Hz
2.Color Temperature:warm white:2700~3200K,natural white:4000~4500K,cool white:5500~6500K
3.LED Brand:Epistar
4.Shell Color:chrome/nickel/white available
5.Glass Type:frosted/grid/clear

Sinepo COB LED Downlight Series:
3 inch 3W cob led downlight—–Lumen:200Lm; Size:D114*H34mm; Cut hole:D94mm; Viewing Angle:60°
4 inch 5W cob led downlight—–Lumen:310Lm; Size:D124*H37mm; Cut hole:D104mm; Viewing Angle:60°
5 inch 10W cob led downlight—-Lumen:640Lm; Size:D152*H68mm; Cut hole:D138mm; Viewing Angle:100°
5.5 inch 15W cob led downlight–Lumen:865Lm; Size:D183*H82mm; Cut hole:D168mm; Viewing Angle:100°
6 inch 15W cob led downlight—-Lumen:865Lm; Size:D183*H82mm; Cut hole:D168mm; Viewing Angle:60°
5.5 inch 20W cob led downlight–Lumen:1270Lm; Size:D200*H83mm; Cut hole:D184mm; Viewing Angle:100°
6 inch 20W cob led downlight—-Lumen:1270Lm; Size:D200*H83mm; Cut hole:D184mm; Viewing Angle:60°
8 inch 20W cob led downlight—-Lumen:1270Lm; Size:D200*H83mm; Cut hole:D184mm; Viewing Angle:100°
8 inch 30W cob led downlight—-Lumen:1905Lm; Size:D225*H85mm; Cut hole:D203mm; Viewing Angle:100°

cob led downlight 11 COB LED Downlights

More Features of Sinepo COB LED Downlight:
1.Circuit design:Top type constant current circuit design with wide voltage range(85V~265V).
2.Environment friendly ,Free from UV,IR and mercury.
3.50,000hrs lifespa,ten times longer as conventioanal light,Low light decay
4.Using aluminum alloy casing it has good thermal performance.
5.High quality electronic parts and components,power factor can reach to 95%
6.CE certificated and RoHs Compliance
7.Excellence after sales service,3 years warranty for our led down light

Guidelines for recessed led downlight application:
1. 2700K –Home, Resraurant, Hotel. Lobbies, Boutiques
2. 3000K–Libraries, Offices, Stores
3. 4100K–Showrooms, Bookstores
4. 5000K–Museums, Jewelry stores, Hospital
5. 5600K>–Used to simulate outdoor conditions

Recessed led downlight applications:

cob led downlight 13 COB LED Downlights

cob led downlight application 112 COB LED Downlights

The advantages of different LED packages:

A.SMD LED:low temperature in single, no heat sink problem, long service life,but the single brightness is not enough, you need to use several lightand this will result in high cost.

B.Big Power LED:this kind of product is suitable for lighting demand. but in a high temperature,then you need to consider the heat sink problem while you design. This may impact LED light’s cost.

C.Light Board LED:This product can emitting in a big area, it overcome the SMD LED’s low brightness and Big Power LED’s heat sink problem.Its encapsulation technology increase the heat degeneration area. The good heat sink management capability sharply reduce the design cost.

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