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High Power LED Bulbs

Sinepo High Power LED Bulbs and dimmable led bulbs using high power Epistar Leds,socket base on E12/E14/E17/E26/E27,4W 5W 7W 9W and 11W available.Ultra energy efficient, replacing up to 30-100W incandescent/Halogen lamps;Good heat dissipation with professional designed aluminum alloy housing.

Sinepo High Power LED Bulbs Series:
4W Led bulb-Lumen:280-320Lm,replace tradtional 35watt incandescent bulb
5W Led bulb-Lumen:360-420Lm,replace tradtional 40watt incandescent bulb
7W Led bulb-Lumen:450-480Lm,replace tradtional 60watt incandescent bulb
9W Led bulb-Lumen:600-650Lm,replace tradtional 80watt incandescent bulb
11W Led bulb-Lumen:810-850Lm,replace tradtional 100watt incandescent bulb

led bulb 23 High Power LED Bulbs

Main Features of Sinepo High Power LED Bulbs:
1.Dimmable for option.Socket:E12/E14/E17/E26/E27
2.Input Voltage:85-265V AC
3.Input Power:4W to 11W
5.LED:Epistar High Power Led
6.Glass Color:Clear,Frosted,Milky
7.Colors:warm white:2700~3200K,natural white:4000~4500K,cool white:5500~6500K
8.CE/ROHS approve,2 year warranty.

led bulb series High Power LED Bulbs

Advantages of Sinepo High Power LED Bulbs:

There is no comparison between the cost of LED lights vs.traditional incandescent options.
With incandescent bulbs,the true cost of the bulb is the cost of replacement bulbs and the labor expense and time needed to replace them.These are significant factors,especially where there are a large number of installed bulbs.For office buildings and skyscrapers,maintenance costs to replace bulbs can be enormous.These issuses can all be virtually eliminated with the LED option.

1. The LED bulb Adopt high luminous flux white light LED imported, along with high quality optical lens. Color temperature, color rendering and beam angle can be chosen freely so as to meet the lighting requirements of different places.
2. High quality aluminum radiator body, beautiful outer design and reasonable structure to promote the luminaries and life time to 30000 hours.
3. No Mercury and hazardous materials, No flicker and UV,IR free to ensure the safety and conformability.
4. Product quality conforms to RoHS, UL,CUL and CQC certificate, etc.
5. Suitable for House and Public place lighting, been widely use for villa, hotels, restaurants, meeting room, showroom…etc.
6. Cnlight Brand New, Public Listed Company, with Two years Quality Warranty.

Sinepo Led bulbs aging test
led bulbs aging test High Power LED Bulbs

Led bulbs Applications
● Illumination lighting for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, buses, trains, warehouses, parking lots etc.
● Task lighting for cabinets, cupboards etc in your homes, restaurants, and kitchens or any other places where accent lighting is required.
● Display lighting for the articles in your stores and shops.
● Back lighting for square billboards or advertisement boards.

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